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Will the moult eber end?

Even mah tail fell out. On the up side, I bort mahself an air conditioning unit acos it's been too warm fur Bibi dish summer.

PS Check out the noo wug improvements. I designed them with mah teefs



Somebunneh turn the sun down. Even the apes have had enough. We is melterating!


Hoppy Berfday to me!


Today is mah 6th berfday, so I bunna celebrate by snoozing, binkying and being a pest.

Fur B


I nose I don't keep up wif LJ much these days, I is mostly on Facebook, though not so much there there either.
Dish pic taken today, is fur Freddie's B. As you can see I is still a hurbert and like sitting in strange places. Here, I am wedged inbetween two chair legs. Nice!

Agent 0069 out innit
The Lunge (Bibi)

Wasn't me

This is mah innocent face.


Nommin mah hays


Papapapayas is mah fave tho. I bunna try fur a pic with them too.

I hates Roomba!

I had orlreddy nommed one of the Roomba's brushes orf, but I didn't expect it to wake up the other night wif me on its back, whilst I was trying to werk out anuvver way to keel it.